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"The property market loves certainty, and there were a number of decisive statements by President Ramaphosa at the SONA, which I believe will go some way towards restoring confidence in the country's leadership. Eskom was a prime example. In order to fix the country, grow the economy, and woo investment, it's imperative to fix Eskom - it was clear the government is acting swiftly on this. Equally clear, was the vigorous determination to hold those involved in our country's wide-scale corruption, accountable.

"As Wakefields, we consider investment in education as one of the cornerstones of healthy nation building, and we wholeheartedly endorse the government's clear commitment to early childhood development, as well as other urgent initiatives around improving facilities.  

"It was heartening to hear President Ramaphosa hone in on the importance of nation building. As he implied, it needs every single South African to desist from watching from the sidelines, but rather step into the ring, put divisiveness aside, do whatever it takes to root out the ills, and build on the positives.

"President Ramaphosa's "Watch This Space" was not an open invitation for us to stand by, watch and wait, but rather a promise that government would honour their commitments. We, too, need to play our part.

"For a lively property market, we need stability - I feel the SONA laid out some positive initiatives and sent strong messages as to how this would be achieved."

Author: Anne Schauffer

Submitted 08 Feb 19 / Views 463