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Currently, South Africa has close on 30 percent unemployment, and everybody’s looking to government to ‘create jobs’. In the current climate, it’s not only not going to happen, but it’s an unrealistic expectation. It’s not what governments really do. Government needs to remove obstacles and create an environment in which the economy grows - jobs flow from that. But for now, you need to carve your own path.

You need to create your own job. Be an entrepreneur. It’s a myth that entrepreneurs are born, not made, because an entrepreneur isn’t synonymous with an inventor…it’s somebody who looks for a gap, seizes opportunities and makes them work. He’s not thinking, ‘I need a salary’, he’s thinking way ahead of that. He’s thinking “Where do I want to be? What do I want to earn.”

You should too. When you decide to become a successful estate agent, you can earn whatever you choose. You set your own goals, you’re your own boss. Essentially, an estate agent runs their own business within a support system and framework of a brand. What you earn is entirely up to you…and it can be substantial. As Gary Player famously said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” Top estate agents aren’t lucky, they work hard and they work smart – at Wakefields, generally, the same sales consultants’ names are in the top three…monthly, annually, always. Most began from scratch with little to no knowledge of the industry. They entered the Wakefields sales academy, paid attention, learned all there was to know…and went out and put it into practice. Day after day.

Think about this. The property market values went up by 6 percent this year. Our top agent’s earning went up by between 50 and over 200 percent.

The property market, like the economy, has slowed. Our top agents’ earnings haven’t. In many instances, they’ve escalated substantially. Why? Because the economy isn’t what they focus on – their work ethic remains the same. They’re highly motivated, apply what they’ve learned, and have their own personal goals and targets to meet. They know that South Africans are buying and selling houses, despite the market conditions, and they make sure they’re the agents that people in KZN call.

In the past year, Pinetown broker and Wakefields Diamond Achiever agent Tracy Maharaj, sold the most number of units in the company and increased her income an impressive 211,8 percent from the previous financial year.

Diamond status agent Mandy Parnell specialises in homes at Le Domaine in Hillcrest. She, too, confirms her income has increased 38,8 percent from the period 2014/15 to 2016/17.  Why? “Consistency,” she says. “Input equals output. And, of course, I love what I do – it’s not a job.”

Kem Thomson works out of the Westville office. With Diamond Achiever status, she was Wakefields’ top selling residential agent for 2016/17. Kem, too, implements what she was taught at Wakefields’ training academy. She understands precisely what’s needed to be successful, and does it. Her income increased 57,8 percent from 2014/15 to 2016/17.

Myles Wakefield, CEO of Wakefields Real Estate, says “It’s part of the #WakefieldsWay for us, as management, to support all our agents in their quest to increase their earnings year on year. We focus a great deal of our time and energy helping them do this, and we’re immensely proud of those who exceed all expectations. In the property industry, hard work really pays dividends, and we’re there to provide whatever support is needed for those who’re committed to making a success of this career.”

Author: Anne Schauffer

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