Wakefields opens its brand new office at The Pearls, Umhlanga

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Wakefields Real Estate’s new-look, contemporary showroom at The Pearls of Umhlanga’s Mall is now open! Come on in, the coffee’s fine.

Fancy a cappuccino and a chat about property in The Pearls or Umhlanga and surrounds? You’ve come to the right place. Our new-generation Wakefields showroom is situated in the The Pearls Mall, easily accessible, and staffed with a team of professional, experienced sales consultants keen to show off both The Pearls of Umhlanga, and indeed, Umhlanga village and beyond. 

Since the doors opened, the showroom’s been a highly popular place for those keen to get beneath the skin of one of Umhlanga’s most iconic developments, The Pearls of Umhlanga. Sales and enquiries have been extremely lively for both homeowners, local and international holidaymakers and investors. Our on-site consultants have been there since the inception of this iconic project, and are therefore fully equipped to answer all your questions and more, as well as show you the lie of the land...and indeed, Umhlanga too.  The Pearls of Umhlanga’s Mall is open for business, and the final residential phase is ready for lift off. Come and chat to us about living, working or playing in this privileged piece of paradise.

You’ll find us at: 6 Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga or 031 5611 280

Author: Anne Schauffer

Submitted 20 Mar 17 / Views 1901