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For the 16th consecutive year, you chose Wakefields Real Estate as the Best Real Estate Agency brand in the Daily News "Your Choice" Awards. That says something we love to hear about our consistency of service in Kwazulu-Natal.

Eighty years of doing property properly. That's Wakefields, and as Myles Wakefield, CEO of Wakefields Real Estate said, "As a fourth-generation family business in Kwazulu-Natal, we're really proud that the readers of the Daily News, consider us the best brand in KZN real estate. To win the award 16 years in a row - that tells us we're doing property right!"

Doing it #the WakefieldWay

For Wakefields Real Estate, doing property right is doing it differently - it's the #WakefieldsWay. Operating exclusively across KZN means the brand is fully focussed on this province, understands what property is all about, right here, right now. After 80 years of working in the KZN property landscape, Wakefields management and their over 500 sales consultants and support staff are all aligned to the brand's ethos. Professionalism, qualifications, experience, and a thorough knowledge of the province, its people, and its property.

We're in touch with technology

Longevity, for sure, but Wakefields is right up there with the technological advances which make business faster, smoother, easier for you. Every staff member is fully conversant with the new ways in which business is conducted, and Wakefields supports its staff with training around new technologies - everybody is in touch with today's methodologies.

A family brand

Four generations over 80 years, that's a family business with family values. When you walk through the door of a Wakefield's branch office, you'll feel at home. No matter which branch, there'll be a consistency of service, a professionalism that's hard to beat, and a strong sense of family.

Thank you

Thank you Daily News readers, for the honour of being chosen as your real estate agency brand of choice. It's the finest endorsement that doing property the #WakefieldsWay, is the only way.

Rest assured, we'll continue to earn your trust and your vote, as best real estate agency brand in the province.

Author: Anne Schauffer

Submitted 28 Oct 19 / Views 610