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Sagree Chengan began what grew into a very successful property career with Wakefields in Amanzimtoti. She was recently announced as Manager at the Chatsworth branch, and for clients and staff alike, she's hit the ground running...

Sagree Chengan entered the property industry with a substantial portfolio of 22 years' experience in the banking industry, where she steadily climbed the ranks to bank manager. When she left banking for a more personal challenge, she ran her own franchised coffee shop for five years.

In May 2015, Sagree stepped into the Amanzimtoti branch of Wakefields, and from the outset, knew this was where she was meant to be: "I just loved meeting different people, and finding them their dream homes. It really is an exciting industry to work in." She spent the next few years really getting under the skin of property, and understanding its nuances. She recognised how financially rewarding it could be, but equally, how to dig deep and remain motivated when the market is slow and income dips.

Sagree has been in management before, so the skills required come naturally to her: "In my view, a great manager is one who keeps an eye on the key figures, and also has a heart for the people in their team. I'm naturally a people person, and easily build rapport with them. I love being in the driving seat again, and I'm so fortunate to have a good team with which to work."

As Wakefields' Chatsworth manager, Sagree wants to see her office work as a team, and for everybody to enjoy each other's successes: "There's enough opportunity for everyone to grow and be successful in their own right." She aims for an atmosphere of transparency and fairness, and believes those contribute substantially to each team member's sense of wellbeing.

Being new to Chatsworth - and the Chatsworth community - Sagree is busy familiarising herself with the lie of the land and the area's property landscape. Moving from sales consultant to the Chatsworth manager role, has allowed her to use her management skills to support her staff, while having a full understanding of the sales process and the intricacies of buying and selling, to the advantage of clients.

And when she's not in the office, Sagree values time spent with her family and friends: "I also love reading and movies, so that's what happens in my Me time..."

Author: Anne Schauffer

Submitted 23 May 19 / Views 943