The Wakefields Inner Circle
If you are a savvy property investor or everyday buyer, Wakefields Real Estate has an exciting opportunity where you can be part of an exclusive circle, one that will place you at the forefront of new development launches, insider property news and investment opportunities.

Known as, The Wakefields Inner Circle, the service offers unprecedented access to KwaZulu Natal's residential property market by connecting you to latest developments before they hit traditional and digital advertising platforms. Launched by Wakefields Estate Agents CEO, Myles Wakefield, The Inner Circle is an advantageous resource for those who want to have their finger firmly on the real estate pulse.
Ideal for a diverse spectrum of interests, it appeals to:
  • Established property investors and those looking to grow their portfolio.
  • Home buyers on the market for a brand new home for living or buy-to let purposes.
  • Business people in search of premium commercial spaces in up and coming or recently constructed business parks.
The Advantage of Knowing
The Wakefields Inner Circle is characterised by an immediacy to update you on the launch dates for developments before they are released to the general public and mainstream media. Considering the wealth of benefits this brings, signing up for the service is free and surprisingly simple. To subscribe, all you need to do is fill in your contact details below and this will automatically add you to our Inner Circle Mailing List where you can either choose to receive SMS's or email notifications, or both.

Wakefields believes that placing you at the cutting edge of property updates will allow you a privileged position at the top of the buyers queue on official launch days. This jumpstart is even more imperative in the current market where a rapidly increasing number of new developments get sold out during sale events.
How Does It Work?
Once you are signed up to the mailing list, you will receive emails and/or SMS notifications whenever a new development is about to launch.  Since subscribers already have an intent to purchase property, the Wakefields Inner Circle will offer them the privileged opportunity to be the first in line to inquire about the property and have a look at it.

Wakefields believes that connecting you to the latest developments and allowing you access to strategic information will significantly place you at an advantage and fast-track the property buying process. Your preferred properties will meet you in your mailing and SMS inbox, so join today and have the "inner circle" tools to beat the masses and uncover your dream property before any one else.